Katy Perry And John Mayer's Sexy Cover Photo

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Katy Perry and her boyfriend John Mayer posed together for a sensual black-and-white which will serve as the cover art for their collaboration “Who You Love,” which will be on the song list of Mayer’s album entitled Paradise Valley.

The photo depicts a more demure John Mayer looking downward (probably to conceal his always-red eyes) and sitting below Perry with his fingers on the guitar strings. Perry’s arm is possessively but gracefully placed on his shoulder as she lies on a couch draped in a dark, velvet gown.

Hopefully all of the attempted sincerity and successful sex appeal of the photo shoot is good enough to make you wonder what it’s all for, and what the song “Who You Love” is all about.  With all this promo, the song had better be worth the listener’s while.

According to E! News, Mayer described the song as this:

“Who You Love” is a sweet melody that tells the story of opening up your heart and allowing yourself to fully love the person in your life—or specifically to ‘love who you love, who you love’”… whatever in the world of tangled-up metaphors that is supposed to mean.

But you shouldn’t expect much clarity from either of the two songbirds who have heart badges stitched all over their sleeves. Mayer continued to express his excitement about the song in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

“It was a really great experience and the song is one of these like old FM ‘70s and ‘80s sort of like duets. And I listened back to it; it’s, like, really convincing. And I watched it get made and I am still taken aback.”

So, um, basically all curious fans will just have to listen to the song in order to decipher the deep, heart-felt emotions that these love-struck crooners have poured into their music. If you need to ease your musical curiosity as well as any confusion that John Mayer has caused you, take a listen to "Who You Love" below.

Image via John Mayer, Facebook

Video via Youtube