Katy Perry And Diplo Secretly Dating?


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Katy Perry has a new boyfriend, Diplo, and while several sources claim that the two are a couple, neither of them are ready to talk about it and are keeping their relationship a secret, or at least trying to.

In the past Katy has never tried to hide her boyfriends or keep quiet about her relationships, but she has learned the hard way that public relationships are more prone to rumors and drama than those that are kept secret.

“She’s keeping this one undercover because she’s learned her lesson. She’s in control, but he likes that. He knows she’s in charge and respects her. She keeps tabs on him… but she trusts him and that’s the most important thing to her,” a source explained to E! News.

So far the couple has done a pretty good job of hiding things and while there have been rumors about their relationship for a while now, the two have actually been dating since April.

Katy has even introduced Diplo to her family members and the source claims that they all get along great.

“Her family likes him a lot. You can see how comfortable she feels with him already because the whole crew hangs with him already and they approve. It’s important that everyone gets along with him because makes her crazy life easier,” the source added.

Although Katy and Diplo think they are keeping their relationship a secret, it seems like the world is already pretty aware of it. They have been spotted together on several occasions and several tabloids and other publications have shared photos of the two singers.

Neither Katy nor Diplo has shared photos on their social media pages and probably won’t until they are ready to go public with their relationship.