Katniss Everdeen Now Immortalized In Wax

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Katniss Everdeen, the Hunger Games character popularized by Jennifer Lawrence, can now be seen around the world in different variations at Madame Tussauds locations.

The wax figure looks a bit different depending on where you find her--be it New York, London, or Hollywood--but Lawrence's striking features are captured pretty well in all three. She wears either her arena costume from the first film or the leather hunting outfit seen in Catching Fire and faces her audience with a serious expression.

"We are hugely excited to have worked with Lionsgate to launch a Katniss wax figure following The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1. ... The figure is in its own film-specific backdrop, allowing our guests to get up close to Katniss and the beloved story of The Hunger Games, which we know they'll love," said a spokesperson from Madame Tussauds.

Lawrence made headlines last month when the song she sings in the latest film in the franchise--Mockingjay Part 1--began climbing the charts around the world. The Hanging Tree has officially made a reluctant pop star of the actress, who reportedly wanted someone else to lend their voice to that scene in the film.

“I knew she didn’t love the idea of singing, but I didn’t realize how nervous she was until when we started the first take, and she was in tears. Not totally broken down, but she was unhappy. She would have much rather we used somebody else’s voice. I think she said she wanted Lorde [who sings the movie's theme song] to do it!" director Francis Lawrence said.

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