Katie Couric Interview Canceled by Donald Trump Amidst Growing Controversy Over Anti-Muslim Banter

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A planned interview with Katie Couric has been canceled per the request of Donald Trump amidst continued controversy of recent comments made about Muslims, including his call to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the United States.

The New York Times confirmed that Trump’s interview with Couric, Yahoo’s global news anchor, which had been planned for Wednesday, according to Tony Maciulis, the head of news at Yahoo Studios.

The Times reports that the interview was slated to take place at Trump’s office tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The interview had been scheduled since the summer and was reportedly confirmed within the last three weeks.

It is unclear why Trump canceled the interview, although in an email, a spokeswoman for Trump, Hope Hicks, said that the postponement was “purely a scheduling issue and we have every intention to reschedule as soon as possible.”

Some media outlets wonder if a previous interview with another Yahoo News reporter, in which the reporter asked him if he would rule out creating a registry of Muslims in the United States, had anything to do with his decision to cancel the interview.

Trump, who currently tops most polls for the Republican presidential nomination, has been widely criticized since his call on Monday to bar Muslims from entering the country after the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist attacks.

Donald Trump is apparently is taking some time away from the press to regroup and has no events on his public schedule until Friday.

Pam Wright