Kathrin Goldbach, Girlfriend of Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz, Reportedly Pregnant

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Kathrin Goldbach, who was reportedly dating Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, is believed to have discovered two weeks ago that she is pregnant.

Kathrin Goldbach had been dating the pilot — who is believed to have deliberately crashed the A320 Airbus plane into the side of a mountain in the French Alps, killing 150 people — off and on for more than seven years.

Most recently, Goldbach was rumoured to have ended their relationship because of the latter's controlling personality.

A friend of Kathrin Goldbach, who makes her living as a high school teacher, allegedly told The Daily Star that the pilot used "to order her what to wear, what men she could speak to, even the length of her skirts."

"He was a control freak of the highest order," the friend said.

Another said that Lubitz had "problems with mood swings."

The report said Kathrin Goldbach, who was living with Lubitz in Dusseldorf Germany at the time of the crash, told her students that she was "going to be a mother."

The report further claims she was planning to move out over cheating and gay rumors about the pilot.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to piece together the events that led to the horrific crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525.

A transcript of the flight data indicates the pilot was locked outside the cockpit in the final minutes leading to the crash after leaving for a restroom break. He is heard shouting, "open the damn door!" and later trying to break down the door as passengers screamed.

According to The New York Times, Lubitz, 27, was diagnosed recently diagnosed with “vision problems,” which may have exacerbated an already existing psychiatric condition.

Investigators are exploring the theory that the severe stress and fear of losing his job as a result of the condition may have driven him to crash the Airbus A320 into the side of a mountain in the French Alps.

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