Kathie Lee Gifford On What Kind Of Film She'd Prefer Her Daughter To Do

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Kathie Lee Gifford has often mentioned her kids on the various talk shows she's hosted over the years, but now they're all grown up, and her daughter, Cassidy, is making a star turn of her own. The 21-year old will appear in the horror flick The Gallows, in theaters July 10, and Kathie Lee recently spoke about what type of movie she'd prefer to see her daughter in.

Gifford says that the entire family is proud of Cassidy, but she'd rather see her do something a bit more lighthearted.

“We’re so excited for her! Personally, I prefer that the next project be a romantic comedy, please," Kathie Lee said.

Cassidy opened up about her time on set, saying she had a specific ritual for preparing for the emotional scenes she did. In one trailer, the actress is seen crying and wearing a noose around her neck before being yanked down a hallway, and for Cassidy, music played a big part in how she got herself ready to shoot.

“I would sometimes take a couple of hours to be by myself. I’d try to leave my stomach a little bit empty and drink tons of water. I had this one playlist that was my go-to. It became almost routine to get back into that place.”

The Gallows is Cassidy's first leading role, but according to People Magazine, the Giffords were almost reality stars.

"When I was younger, people kept making offers for different reality shows and stuff. One of the propositions was just the most absurd thing in the entire world: They wanted some family to come live with us and pretend they were long-lost relatives that didn't have anywhere to go. Everyone wouldn't know but my mom, and they would bring random farm animals like sheep and cows to our house. So my mom would be, like, swearing that they're our family members – they'd move in with us, they'd speak a different language and then just see what happens," Cassidy said.

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