Katherine Webb Shames Body Shamers Who Wrote Nasty Comments On Her Bikini Pic

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Katherine Webb posted a pic of her in a black bikini recently that drew tons of mean and nasty comments.

Katherine Webb didn't call her friends crying or dive headfirst into a tub of rocky road and a Netflix binge.

Katherine Webb fought back.

The 5'11'' brunette former Miss Alabama, who is married to quarterback A.J. McCarron, called out the bullies by posting their own hateful comments to her Instagram.

Katherine Webb intended it to prompt the rude commentators to face their own words.

Getting ready for swimsuit season on the west coast Love my team @betsyatwilly @shekarchian @wilhelmina_La

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Katherine Webb said on Good Morning America that she was surprised at the "disgust" that was thrown her way.

Katherine Webb said she had a message for the bullies that posted hateful things on her pic.

She said, "Can you imagine if someone said that to you?"

Do you think Katherine Webb's retaliation will make cyber trolls think twice before posting hateful comments?

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