Katherine Heigl Raising Funds for 'Jenny's Wedding'

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Katherine Heigl was noticeably absent from the Hollywood scene for a time, as reported in the video clip above, because no one wants to work with her. It seems the actress, along with her manager--mom Nancy Heigl--is known for making life hell on everyone near the film set. That was just a few months ago, and now the actress is working hard to raise money needed to complete a new film. As of this past September no one had seen the former Grey's Anatomy star in anything but a NyQuil commercial. Does she still have enough Hollywood clout to raise money for a film in which she and Alexis Bledel play a lesbian couple who wish to marry, despite one of their family's conservative beliefs? Will her "hard to work with" reputation make raising this money impossible?

Jenny's Wedding is the name of the film for which Heigl is hoping fundraising will bring in $150,000 by late March so it can complete its post-production work. An Indiegogo fundraising campaign is in full swing, with donations coming in from individuals--mostly those outside of the Hollywood loop, however.

Fans who donate will receive bonuses, like signed screenplays, admission to advanced screenings with cast and filmmakers, retweets from Heigl, and clips of behind-the-scenes footage. Heigl would no doubt love to see some Hollywood bigwigs kick in, too. Has she wrecked her chances by being such a diva?

Heigl tweeted her excitement about the film.

She later tweeted about the fundraising efforts that will hopefully send Jenny's Wedding to post-production.

Do you think someone who has strangely enough been out of the Hollywood spotlight for so long--and has left such a bad taste in producer's mouths--will have the pull to raise the funds needed for this film to see the big screen?

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