Katey Sagal Talks 'Sons of Anarchy' Tuesday Shocker

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Katey Sagal, in her role as Jax Teller's mom Gemma Teller Morrow, committed an unthinkable crime on Sons of Anarchy. And on Tuesday evening a plot twist likely shocked fans. If you didn't see the December 2nd episode yet, then read no further, as there are spoilers in the following text.

Katey Sagal dished about the episode shocker with People magazine, and shared her points of view as both an actress as well as the character she is no doubt best known for portraying.

Tuesday's episode was titled 'The Rose,' and in it Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam, gunned down his mother, Gemma, after he learned that it was she who murdered his wife, Tara. Take a deep breath, digest that notion, and proceed.

Kate Sagal was asked if the plan had always been to take out Gemma execution style.

"There were lots of conversations about what happens to her before it was finally decided how she would die. For a character like Gemma, even to live is like, what's worse? At the point you see her in the episode, death is a relief. It all caught up to her. By forming that, then there were conversations about what would be the most fitting, most horrible way for her to die," Sagal explained.

Katey admits that the day they shot the scene was very emotional.

"Charlie [Hunnam] and I cried a lot," she said. "It's how Sons of Anarchy has always been. Everybody goes there. I remember right before I walk out of that living room and toward the rose garden, Charlie and I just hugged each other, really hugged each other, because it was also goodbye for Katey and Charlie after seven years. It was very emotional in a beautiful way. It wasn't torturous. It was kind of a relief. We'll all been building to this moment for this last season, and have all been in our own forms of denial by not really dealing with it ending. But on that day, there was no turning back. It was extremely emotional."

Life will now be very different for Katey Sagal. Her husband, Kurt Sutter, is the show's creator. Since Sons of Anarchy is nearing its series finale, what's on the horizon for these two?

"Kurt has already jumped into The Bastard Executioner because that's what he does. In his way, that's his way of dealing with that door closing. I think he feels very satisfied with this coming to an end. And I do, as well. I've jumped right into a movie," she explains. "We keep doing what we do. Luckily we have family and children and all the things that balance your life. Nobody is like, sad. It's been such a great ride and we have no regret. I wouldn't say it ended too soon and I didn't feel like it went too long. It ended at the right time. There's something really great about that."

So what's next for Katey Sagal?

"I'm doing the movie called Bleed for This that's based on the true life story of a boxer named Vinny Pazienza. I play his mom. It's completely different. I'm blonde! It's period thing, a really good thing," she says.

If you didn't see Tuesday night's episode of Sons of Anarchy, and decided to read this article anyway, you still have lots in store when you turn on your DVR or head to 'On Demand.'

Next Tuesday is the series finale for Sons of Anarchy. You can be sure that Katey Sagal will be watching. Be sure to check out 'The Rose' before you watch the finale.

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