Kate Upton Tweets Trailer for "The Other Woman"


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Supermodel Kate Upton has been dubbed by some a “modern day Marilyn Monroe”.

And like Marilyn, it seems as though she’s trying her best to climb the cinematic ladder, moving from "human mannequin" to movie star status. Upton, well known for her saucy commercials and Sports Illustrated photo shoot, graduated from her silver body paint to the silver screen in 2011.

She took on a cameo in the film “Tower Heist” and then claimed another role in 2012 with “The Three Stooges”. Now, she’s also branching into the romantic comedy genre with her third film, “The Other Woman”. Starring alongside Upton are Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz – who were welcoming and warm to newcomer Kate during production.

Yesterday, she shared her affinity for her costars, along with a trailer for the upcoming film.

Directed by Nick Casavettes (“The Notebook”, “Alpha Dog”), Upton's new movie follows the story of three women who form an unlikely alliance to exact revenge on a man intimately involved with each of them. The film will also star Nickolaj Coster-Waldeau, Taylor Kinney, and singer Nicki Minaj.

Although no official date has been set yet, "The Other Woman" will be released in 2014. But maybe if everyone's lucky, it will hit theaters on Valentine's Day. A chick flick fix for the girls coupled with Kate Upton eye candy for the boys? That could definitely be a success formula on our annually prescribed romantic Hallmark Holiday!

Image via Twitter