Kate Upton Says Being Pretty Can Be Inconvenient

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Most women would kill for Kate Upton’s body, but the model says that being pretty isn’t necessarily a convenience.

Upton is from Florida but grew up on a farm.

She said that she still loves horses and that if modeling didn’t work out she would have no problem going back to the farm life.

Luckily for Upton, modeling has worked out for her and she has a very successful career.

Upton has modeled for numerous designers and been featured on the covers of several magazines.

While Upton needs her good looks and curvy body to get places in the modeling world, she said her appearance didn’t help when it came to getting her farm chores done.

"Living on a farm, beauty doesn't get you anywhere. Because I was pretty didn't mean I could convince my sister to do my chores," she said. "It was kind of inconvenient to be pretty, growing up," she said.

Upton may have always had her good looks, but she hasn’t always had her signature curves.

"When I first started modelling, I was a normal catalog model. Then, I became a woman, and I was really excited about becoming a woman. Because I'm from Florida, it's all about being in bathing suits," she said. "It's a different view of beauty there. You are ugly if you don't have a curvy body. And I didn't have one, and then I got one, and thought, 'Yessss!'"

Upton has a unique body for a model but it is something that she is proud of and won’t change.

Although she has been told to lose weight, Upton says she is comfortable with the way she looks and has plenty of offers for work.

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