Kate Upton Reveals What She Wants In A Man

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Kate Upton has seen her career take off in the last year, after a modeling gig for Sports Illustrated led her to Hollywood and onto the cover of nearly every magazine on the newsstands. Since skyrocketing into the public eye, she's garnered quite a bit of attention in her YouTube videos and in commercials dedicated to her knockout bod, but she has pretty specific criteria when it comes to looking for a guy.

"I think, really, it's all about confidence - it's however a guy feels the most confident. And anytime someone walks into a room who is just exuding confidence, I think whatever they're doing is amazing. I think there is a fine line between grooming when you're confident and you appreciate yourself, and grooming because you're insecure. I think some guys try to please what other people think they should look like, instead of knowing how they feel the best in themselves," she said.

Upton spoke recently on the rumor that she'll do a shoot for Playboy, saying it's not in the cards right now but that doesn't mean it will never happen. She also said she prefers print modeling to the runway because of the weird energy that collects backstage.

“Fashion shows are not collaborative. t's only about the designer, so I get bored in that situation. There's also a weird energy backstage - it's a little too aggressive, I prefer a relaxed, happy environment," she said.

Despite revealing what she looks for in a guy, Upton is actually taken; she's dating Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.

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