Kate Upton Reportedly Threatening To Sue Celeb Jihad Over Fake Topless Pictures

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Kate Upton's not a happy camper these days, and she has every right to be seething. However, the 21-year-old model is reportedly seeking retribution for her contempt in the form of a lawsuit.

According to E! News, Upton has opted to take legal action against Celeb Jihad for releasing fake pictures of her on his self-titled website. The salacious images capture the Sports Illustrated model completely "in the buff." Jihad has been named as the person responsible for posting the explicit, photo-shopped images on the satire website, reports TMZ.

Although, he insists that the embellished images are actually authentic outtakes from Upton's latest Sports Illustrated shoot, her lawyer has purported opposing facts.

"One of these photographs has even been airbrushed,” Upton's lawyer explained. Jihad, the self-proclaimed "holy Islamic extremist" who owns the celebrity gossip website, actually has no intention of taking Upton's lawsuit serious. He's reputed the lawsuit as "laughable" stating that is "absolutely absurd," because he only obeys that Shariah law.

"As pious Muslims we must only obey Shariah law, and thus can only be taken to trial in a Shariah court," he stated. He also gave a misogynistic analogy as an example of how women are viewed under the law he abides by.

"Kate Upton is a woman, and thus livestock. She has no legal rights under Shariah law. A perfect analogy would be a cow trying to sue a dairy farmer for pinching her teats." In fact, Jihad is so unwavering in his belief of the lawsuit being frivolous that he said the site would be "posting even more outtakes of Kate naked and getting pounded below."

Then, of course, more altered images were posted to the site. No further information has been released in reference to the situation. Representatives for Upton have not responded to Jihad's opposing comments as of yet.

So unfortunately, for all those fans who had high hopes on seeing the real Kate Upton nude, the latest issue of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit will have to suffice.

Image via Kate Upton, Twitter

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