Kate Middleton Supposedly Pregnant with Second Child


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Well, it looks like Her Royal Majesty will soon welcome yet another great-grandchild into Buckingham Palace, or so sources say.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly to be pregnant with baby number two.

According to the Inqiuistr, Star Magazine reported in December that Middleton was already three months long. The headline on the front cover of the magazine’s January 6 issue declared: “It’s Official: Kate’s Pregnant Again!”

The featured article revealed how the royal couple announced the news to their family and friends. Apparently, Prince William publicly shared the news during a Christmas party at the palace.

What’s even more astounding is that sources said if she were to have a girl, her plan was to pass down a name that would surely honor her husband’s royal name.

What may that be you ask?


DIANA. Yes, after Prince William and Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

However, the report's claims are in doubt because no one has yet to confirm the rumors to be true.

Now nearly two months later, Globe Magazine is more than certain that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her second child.

In its recent February 24 print edition, an inside source told Globe Magazine, “Kate is pretty far along —- far enough to know that she’s having a girl.”

She has supposedly already sought Queen Elizabeth II’s approval for the baby's name.

Until either Middleton or Prince William verifies the pregnancy, the couple still has some parenting moments to enjoy with their first child Prince George.

According to Star Magazine, Kate’s first pregnancy experience wasn’t too thrilling. She was hospitalized for dehydration and had severe morning sickness in her first trimester with Prince George. Fortunately, this pregnancy is reportedly running its course pretty smoothly.

Although Middleton has previously expressed how she wants to have three children within five years, this pregnancy would be sooner than originally planned. Meaning, Middleton would have conceived two months after popping out baby Prince George.

In December, Celeb Dirty Laundry  placed this preconceived notion into a deeper perspective:

“If Kate is really three months pregnant then she conceived when her son was only 2 months old and most new moms are too sleep deprived to even consider having another baby so close- or to contend with a pregnancy while carrying around an infant! Plus Kate is rumored to have gone through a few months of postpartum depression which would make the likelihood of a planned pregnancy even less logical.”

With that said, do you believe the pregnancy rumors are true?

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