Kate Mara's Star Power Is On The Rise

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Kate Mara has always been a powerful actress, but with the success of the Netflix series House of Cards, her star power is definitely on the rise.

The 30-year-old actress has been acting for 17 years. Her first role was in Law & Order when she was 14 and over the years, she's been one of those actresses you see over and over but can't quite recall their name.

She's starred in numerous television shows and made appearances in acclaimed films like Brokeback Mountain and 127 Hours. But, she never quite broke into the spotlight.

But, all that is changing.

Her strong performance in House of Cards playing newspaper reporter Zoe Barnes has led to roles in some high-profile films that are in the works.

Mara just signed on to play Sue Storm (Invisible Girl) in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, joining other rising Hollywood stars Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch), Miles Teller (Dr. Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/The Thing).

The project has been in development over the past five years and is expected to be one of the biggest summer blockbusters in 2015.

Mara said working with Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey, who plays Frank Underwood on House of Cards, is a wonderful experience and nothing like she imagined.

“Most people have this sort of picture of him as – and I sort of did as well before I started working with him – I thought he was going to be very, very serious, and a little intimidating,” said Mara. “And that’s not my experience with him at all. He’s hilarious and with all the dramatic stuff we had to do together, he kept it light with me and I always felt really comfortable with him.”

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