Kate Mara Screen Tests for a Role in The Fantastic Four Reboot

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In January, 20th Century Fox started production on another Marvel Comics reboot. Similar to The Amazing Spiderman, the latest one is happening less than a decade after the series’ most recent movie reboot. Josh Trank takes the director’s seat on this Fantastic Four film. Trank and crew are still in the casting process of pre-production, but they have cast their Human Torch. Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.

Captain America’s Chris Evans played Johnny in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies. Comic book fans already voiced their dismay about casting Jordan as the Human Torch. Those Marvel fans believe in keeping these movies as close to the source material as possible, so the racial change alarms them a bit. To add more confusion, House of Cards’ Kate Mara and Shameless’ Emmy Rossum recently screen tested for the role of Johnny’s sister, Susan "Sue" Storm Richards, the Invisible Girl. To accommodate for the racial differences, casting either actress for the part might mean a total change to the origin of these characters.

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that Dr. Doom might have his gender swapped. 20th Century Fox wants an A-list star to play the villain; so if this means they have to change the gender to appease that request, they’ll do it. Surely many Marvel fans will be disappointed by this casting change as well.

Jordan’s That Awkward Moment co-star Miles Teller is also being considered for a role in the Fantastic Four reboot. He’ll play Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic. Magic City’s Christian Cooke did a screen test for the role of Ben Grimm, the Thing. Since the reboot is only in the early stages of production, it may be awhile before final casting decisions are made. Hate or love these casting possibilities, this movie will definitely add an interesting new spin to the franchise, hopefully in a good way.

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