Kate Hudson Is Single and Happy to Have Alone Time


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Kate Hudson is single, raising her kids, and happy to have some time to herself.

The actress spoke candidly about her new single life with Harper's Bazaar.

"It's nice to get acquainted with myself alone. You know, the goal when you get into a relationship is not to be out of the relationship. It's to try to stay in the relationship. But if it doesn't work, you can't force those things."

"It's good to take a second to make my life about getting myself centered, clearing the energy, no overlapping," she said. "I'm at that age now. I really do feel very lucky. I've had my kids and my relationships. I've set my life down – I'm in my house, and I'm alone with my children – and I'm at peace, and that's a really nice feeling. All I really want in my life is to maintain that."

Hudson says that a happy home is more important than some notion of a "traditional family."

"It's hard to let go of something ... even when you know that it's not right. I've chosen something in my life that I'm very comfortable with that goes against a lot of people's more traditional feelings. If something's not right, I don't believe in maintaining something for the sake of what's considered a traditional family, because I believe that there are different ways to raise children. It's far more effective to raise children in happy homes."

Most recently, Hudson has been linked to Nick Jonas – but she's refused to comment on those speculations.

Apart from her film projects on the horizon, Kate Hudson recently announced a new book titled “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body”. The book will cover fitness, nutrition, and “a mindful lifestyle” and will be geared toward women. It's due out In February.