Kate Gosselin: Was Jon Gosselin at Her Yard Sale?

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Kate Gosselin held a yard sale at her family's church on Saturday and Jon Gosselin was spotted perusing through the items she was selling. TMZ speculates Jon showed up to see if Kate was selling any items that once belonged to him.

Kate was reportedly selling items like helmets and car seats. Proceeds from the yard sale didn't go to pay Kate Gosselin's bills, as some outlets reported. Instead they were donated to the Animal Rescue League.

The yard sale was in fact a group effort on behalf of congregants of the church that Kate and her kids either attend or have ties to.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate wasn't particularly pleased when Jon Gosselin showed up at her yard sale on Saturday. It seems he pawed through Kate's items and then hung out with his kids for a while. Since Jon was recently evicted from his apartment, he might not have been able to afford the items Kate put out for sale.

Aside from looking through Kate Gosselin's yard sale items, Jon's presence there was likely made even more awkward because Kate's bodyguard Steve Neild was reportedly present at the church as well. Rumors have run hot and cold throughout the years since Jon and Kate's split about Neild serving as way more than just a bodyguard to the former Jon and Kate Plus Eight star.

Hopefully Kate Gosselin got rid of lots of items at her yard sale this weekend, and perhaps even returned some things to Jon that she didn't sell and that he couldn't afford to buy back from her. Following that kind of awkward afternoon, do you expect Kate will purge her household this way again--or might she simply haul it all away to Goodwill instead?

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