Kate Gosselin Is Allegedly Keeping Kids From Jon

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Jon and Kate Gosselin seemed like a happy couple when their reality show Jon And Kate Plus 8 aired on TLC. After a few episodes, it was obvious that Kate and Jon had very different parenting styles and plans for their children.

Jon and Kate eventually divorced, and for a while things were pretty nasty between the two of them. Things finally calmed down and Kate was given custody of all of the children, while Jon was ordered to pay child support. Jon was also removed from the television show and it was renamed Kate Plus 8.

Eventually, Kate Plus 8 was also dropped, but Kate wasn't about to let that stop her from staying on television.

She and her children continue to appear on daytime television shows and specials and things between Jon and Kate are once again getting ugly.

Jon has tried to move on with his life and is allegedly working minimum wage jobs to make ends meet and pay his hefty child support payments.

Kate has reportedly stopped letting Jon see his children, even though he has court-ordered visitation rights. In the past, Kate has been accused of making visitation almost impossible for Jon and according to past nannies and other sources, has a ridiculous amount of rules for Jon to follow when he picks up, drops off or spends time with the children.

A source claims that Jon has been looking for a way to get custody of the children, stop them from filming television shows, and allow them to live a normal life. With Kate violating the divorce and custody arrangements, Jon could take her back to court.

Unfortunately, according to the same source, Jon doesn't have the money to take Kate to court, which is why she gets away with treating him so badly.

The source told Life & Style, “[Jon] would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids. He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Jon feels bad for them. It’s not a normal childhood,” the source explained, adding that, “They love spending time with Jon and wish they could see him more.”

“Kate knows Jon doesn’t have the finances to fight it, so she just does whatever she wants,” the source added.

Hopefully Jon and Kate can work things out and get along for the sake of their children.

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