Kate Gosselin: Does She Need to Grow A Pair?

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Kate Gosselin has long been known as a fierce mom-warrior. Just watch old episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and you'll see there's no question that this woman has a plan, the energy to carry it out, and the voice to let anyone know if they stand in her way, they've had it. Ask Jon Gosselin if you have further questions.

So what happened to Kate Monday night on Celebrity Apprentice?

Spoiler Alert. If you didn't watch Monday night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, you might want to stop reading. Right here.

Kate Gosselin heard those infamous words spoken by Donald Trump--the ones no contestant on Celebrity Apprentice ever want to hear.

"Kate, your fired," the Donald told her on Monday night.

Did she deserve to go?

Kate hasn't been what anyone would call a powerhouse throughout the season, but she's been a 'slow and steady wins the race' kind of team player. She hasn't succumbed to the ridiculous drama that has been all-encompassing between Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore. On Monday night, Brandi steered clear of all drama, but it ensued--this time between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox. In fact, Vivica delivered one zinger to Kenya that will no doubt go down in the books as the funniest--but true--line of the season.

"Stop it, baby. You sittin' over there with a badonkadonk that's fake as hell, so don't go there. Don't go there. She doesn't have them boobs done? Come on, stop that, Kenya. Sittin' over there with a seven-pack of lashes on. Stop that," she said.

Kate Gosselin, meanwhile, became lost in the drama. Instead of using that time to line up her soldiers for battle with Donald Trump, she grew weary of the fight, and appeared like she hadn't a clue about what to say to defend herself and her team--the losing team.

The old Kate Gosselin would have raised her voice, turned red in the face, and fired back at the silliness that took place between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox. Even if it had little to nothing to do with why their team lost the challenge, she could have at least tried.

Kate appeared on the Today show on Tuesday morning--a morning-after tradition this season for those fired from the show.

Does Kate Gosselin need to grow a pair?

Celebrity Apprentice was filmed last fall, so in reality, Kate has long since healed since getting the boot from Donald Trump. She is also rumored to be dating a millionaire.

Hopefully she's dusted herself off and unearthed some of that former assertiveness that made people either really love her or really hate her. Without it, however, she just isn't Kate Gosselin. And Kate is a force to be reckoned with.

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