Kate Gosselin: Could Jon Gosselin Get the Kids From Her?

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Celeb couple Jon and Kate Gosselin had one of the more public divorces on reality TV. The whole thing played out while the world watched, with accusations of infidelity, attempts to stall the divorce proceedings, and orders for child support all rolled into the fray.

The reality TV show that the two had made bank on together ended up like a slaughtered golden goose. TLC, which carried the original Jon & Kate Plus 8 programming, even sued Jon Gosselin when he appeared on other television programs after they changed the name of the program to Kate Plus 8.

Now, after years of Kate being the single celeb mom, and managing to make tabloid headlines almost daily, the rumor mill has it that Jon Gosselin wants the kids back.

Now, the original divorce paperwork specified that Kate got custody, and Jon did not have to pay child support. But Jon is now reportedly saying that Kate is refusing to honor child visitation agreements that the decree specifies. So Jon wants the kids.

One attorney told Life & Style Magazine, “If Kate is keeping the children away from their father, she leaves herself open to upsetting the court and they could change custody. He can file for a modification of the custody agreement.”

According to an unnamed source for Life & Style, “[Jon] would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids. He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

One of the big questions about Jon and his crusade to get custody of eight kids is: how will he support them? Is a deal for custody and receipt of child support from Kate what he is after? Because last word out was that Jon was waiting tables for a living.

“Kate knows Jon doesn’t have the finances to fight it, so she just does whatever she wants,” the unnamed source said.

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