Kate Gosselin Accused Of Abusing Her Children Amid 'Stress Meltdown'

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Kate Gosselin seems to be the topic of headlines the past few weeks and this time, she is accused of abusing her children.

In a book written by Robert Hoffman entitled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, the author said that the mother of eight spanked her children regularly. Collin, one of Gosselin’s children, would particularly be the target of her “stress meltdown.”

“Kate said that she was instantly so SO angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard,” Hoffman wrote.

In an interview with a tabloid, Hoffman also said that Gosselin used a wooden spoon to hit her kids.

It seems as if Gosselin is also finding it hard to get help taking care of her children, as her former employees are dishing on how hard it is to work for her. One of her previous nannies said in an interview that Gosselin’s rules were very strict and that they always had to follow a manual that contained all her pet peeves.

“You couldn’t put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn’t close doors loudly. You could only vacuum during certain times of the day if she was home,” said the nanny. She also said that everything had to be done by 9:00 pm, as Gosselin’s day ended at 9:00 pm “no matter what was going on.”

The nanny also revealed that part of her to-do list was to eavesdrop on Gosselin’s children when they would have a conversation with their father on the phone. The nanny eventually quit her job after seeing Gosselin do things that she does not agree with.

Amidst all the news, Gosselin’s rep has not responded to several requests for a comment.

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