Kate Beckinsale: Will "The Face of An Angel" Star Get Pregnant Again?


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We all know that Kate Beckinsale is the sexiest woman in the universe.

Her beautiful curves, angelic face and enchanting smile coupled with her ferocious on screen presence makes her a formidable, even deadly foe. You definitely want to be on the friendly side of Kate, especially when you are out and about trying to navigate the Underworld. If not, you urgently need to start praying for a long life, because she will likely suck your vitality, given that she is a vampire warrior.

So what is Kate up to these days? Her twitter feed has been dormant for more than 21 months. Her last tweet was about...you guessed it right, Underworld: Awakening, for which she thanked her fans profusely:

But now we hear via Deadline that Kate is joining Daniel Bruhl and Cara Delevingne in Michael Winterbottom's new film, The Face Of An Angel. Paul Viragh has been tapped to write the script, based on the book Angel Face - available at Amazon - by author Barbie Latza Nadeu.

The film is loosely about Amanda Knox, the young American sojourner in Italy, who, along with her boyfriend was accused of brutally murdering her housemate. Her prosecution and travails were obsessively covered by a trivialities enamored media, that habitually shies away from more substantive national and international issues such as inflation, monetary and fiscal crisis.

Beautiful Beckinsale plays a journalist in hot pursuit of the case, and the film's production will commence in Tuscany, Italy. Kate has never shied away from controversial roles, even if she was required to flaunt three breasts instead of two in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall.

Leaving aside Kate's professional life, fans are curious what exciting developments are happening in her personal life. Beckinsale parted from actor Michael Sheen, who fathered her only child, when she found love with director Len Wiseman. Kate and Len Wiseman are now married for 9 years, and Kate is having two minds (or many minds) about having another baby.

Just last year, after the release of Underworld: Awakening, the 40 year old said that

“At some point the decision will be made for me, when my ovaries dry up and die...We’ll see. There’s nothing that makes me go, ‘And now I must have triplets.’...I got back and forth on it,...I feel very lucky in that we navigated a pretty bumpy situation and that Lily’s OK. So my resistance is along the lines of, ‘Do I want to upset the apple cart?’”

She added: “There’s absolutely part of me that goes, ‘I’d love to have a baby in the relationship I’m in, and have that experience when the relationship’s really good and exclusive,’ but I’m just not sure.”

The vampire seductress is not sure. But with such a beautiful DNA, her starry-eyed fans sure want Kate to have those triplets. And the sooner the better. Because time and tide (and fertility too), wait for none.