Kate Beckinsale Says Journalists Keep "Police State" At Bay

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Kate Beckinsale is at the center of a new true crime-inspired drama about Amanda Knox and Meredith Kurcher.

While Amanda Knox got the good news this past week that her murder conviction remains overturned, the crime that caused the media frenzy is still one of the most fascinating and heinous in recent history, making Kate Beckinsale's new movie pretty intriguing.

Kate Beckinsale's new movie, Face of an Angel, is loosely based on the book, Angel Face: Sex, Murder, and the Inside Story of Amanda Knox, written by Newsweek and Daily Beast journalist Barbie Latza Nadeau.

Nadeau has been renamed Simone Ford for the movie, and that is the role that has been taken on by Kate Beckinsale.

The film focuses a lot on the journalists who fought for any bit of a lead while Amanda Knox's trials went on.

This was a group that seems to have fascinated the film's director, Michael Winterbottom.

“I met a lot of the journalists who covered the case: people from the British, Italian and American press and it’s not that they’re terrible people, I liked them. They’re thoughtful people, they’re intelligent people, they’re trying to do their job the best they can."

He added, "I think they were aware of the problems with the coverage but they just couldn’t find a way of addressing that problem within the system. It’s a market and it’s very clear that as a freelance you have to have something to sell. And that means discovering 10 minutes before everyone else that Amanda Knox is wearing a brown skirt.”

Kate Beckinsale revealed that she also has a lot of respect for the craft.

Kate Beckinsale compared journalists to actors, saying, “It was weird for me to be playing the journalist but I realized quickly how important it was for my character that people were giving her information. It isn't just salacious, it isn't just what she wore in court. And if we don’t have journalists we live in a police state."

She added, "It’s also true that journalists and actors share some qualities. Say you’re having a terrible argument with your boyfriend and you’re breaking up. For an actor there’s this still slight distance where you’re observing the event, thinking, ‘This is what it looks and feels like to be breaking up with someone.’ I think that journalists have that same ability to step back and see things from a different perspective. That doesn't necessarily make the journalist an a***hole, any more than it does the actor.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Kate Beckinsale in action in Face of an Angel?

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