Kat Dennings Tried To Dye Her Hair With Coffee

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Kat Dennings made an embarrassing admission on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Kat Dennings admitted that recently, while bored and curious, she almost caused her own demise via caffeine overdose.

Because Kat Dennings tried to dye her already brown hair with coffee.

Kat Dennings isn't the only one to almost harm herself due to a mix of boredom and Pinterest, but not all of us get to entertain the audience on The Tonight Show with the details.

Kat Dennings said that she experiment not only didn't work, but that it had a disastrous side effect.

She posted a pic to Instagram describing what she had done.

Kat Dennings wrote, "Tried dyeing my hair with coffee today. I used conditioner and 6 packs of instant Starbucks. The results are barely noticeable but now I smell like ITALIAN ROASTTTTTT"

Being photographed by @mathu7 was an honor. Thank you! #dragracedreams #rurubucklemyshoe

A photo posted by Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) on

It seems Kat Dennings used six packs of Starbucks instant Italian roast coffee, all the power of which went straight to her blood.

She said it went "right through my pores" and gave her a buzz like never before.

Finally I get to creep all over @questlove and CRUSH IT at charades. Tonight on Jimmy Fallon!

A photo posted by Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) on

Kat Dennings probably won't be trying that again, and I'm not sure why the brunette tried it in the first place. Is coffee supposed to make it a richer brown or something?

What do you think of Kat Dennings' experiment. Would you try it?

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