Kat Dennings Talks Unusual Childhood

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Kat Dennings has an odd but funny personality and she recently revealed some information about her childhood that explains why she is the way she is.

Dennings said that she grew up in a secluded area and didn't have any neighbors nearby or friends to play with. She said that she was often incredibly bored.

"I recently went over to my parents' house and went through their storage shed with all my crap in it, because I promised that I would do it for like 12 years and I didn't do it," Dennings said. "I found a diary entry that I think sort of sums up [who I was] and who I sort of still am." She Instagrammed the passage in May and read it aloud on the late-night talk show: "I'm bord...bord, bord, bord...Take me now Lord!"


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Dennings said that her childhood wasn't really abnormal, although she did go through a dark phase for a while.

She said that as a child she wanted to be Wednesday Addams from the television show The Addams Family. She said that she wore a lot of black and even slept with her arms crossed over her chest at night.

Dennings added that her parents didn't mind that she was a little weird and allowed her to be herself. She also said that her childhood was by no means bad and that she lived in a nice house in the country with a nice family. Dannings was the fifth of six children.

"I mean, we lived on top of a hill in a place called Bryn Mawr, which now is a little bit more built up, but it's in the woods," the TV star, 28, said. "There were deer. There were no other neighbors. There was weather."

What do you think of Kat's kooky personality and do you think her upbringing inspired her sense of humor?

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