Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Interested In Owning Milwaukee Bucks

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Former NBA star, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, has showed interest in owning the Milwaukee Bucks – one of the teams he played for in his basketball career.

Abdul-Jabbar started playing for the Milwaukee Bucks in 1969 when he was chosen No. 1 in the draft. He continued to play for the team for six seasons, and holds the record for being the franchise’s biggest scorer with 14,211 points under his belt.

The Hall of Famer was in town for the promotion of a tourism ad and he answered questions from the reporters just before the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Utah Jazz game started at the Bradley Center.

Rich Kirchen of the Milwaukee Business Journal interviewed Abdul-Jabbar and the basketball legend says that he would take the chance to be part of the Bucks if they need his services. However, there is no offer on the table as of now. Abdul-Jabbar has expressed his interest in getting back to the NBA as a coach. He has already worked as a special assistant for the Lakers and Clippers.

In December, Milwaukee Bucks owner and former Senator Herb Kohl stated that he is seeking minor investors for the franchise in order to keep them in Wisconsin. The team has been in an all-time low with an 11-46 record. In addition to that, Forbes has recently reported that the Milwaukee Bucks was the least valuable franchise with an estimated value of $405 million.

Bringing Abdul-Jabbar to the team may be one way to get the Bucks out of their slump, but there has yet to be a discussion between Abdul-Jabbar and Kohl.

Despite of this, Abdul-Jabbar still sees the team as a viable market in the NBA. He says that the team has to have the right business model in order to be in a good position and attract the right players.

Abdul-Jabbar Promotes Wisconsin Tourism

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