Kanye West, Kim Kardashian: Trouble in Paradise?

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Kanye West has been in New York City--sans Kim Kardashian--for about three weeks now. Is there trouble in paradise for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians couple? PerezHilton.com reports that Kanye was spotted living his New York apartment on Friday evening, and neither Kim Kardashian nor their daughter North was anywhere to be seen.

Some--likely those closest to Kim and Kanye--say it's conflicting business schedules that are keeping the couple apart. Naysayers, however, wonder if there isn't something more going on. Kanye West chose to spend Thanksgiving in Paris and he missed out on Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine bash in Miami that took place last week. It would seem if Kanye were to be anywhere, it would be where there was a celebration of his wife's ample booty.

This isn't just a concern for Kim and Kanye as a couple, but is a huge concern for their daughter. It would seem that even if the two are having troubles that Kanye West would want to see his child.

Hollywood Life reports that divorce rumors are running rampant.

“Kanye’s too controlling,” the report says. “Kanye just doesn’t care that Kim’s upset about Thanksgiving. He’ll continue to do what he wants when he wants, and it’s kind of Kim’s problem because she knew who he was when she married him.”

On December 3rd, Kim Kardashian and her mom and sisters attended a holiday gathering--sans Kanye West. HollywoodLife.com also raises the question about what might happen to North West if her parents were in fact to split. They report that Kim would do her best to keep the little girl with her, although she knows Kanye would want her to spend some time in Paris with him.

Hopefully no one will have to cross that bridge, and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have simply been apart for three weeks for business reasons. Perhaps the two will soon reunite--with baby making three--and have a wonderful Christmas season together.

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