Kanye West Calls Himself 'Biggest Rock Star in the World'

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Kanye West performed on time at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival in Virginia on Friday night and called himself the biggest rock star in the world. He compared himself to the likes of music legends John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix. On the heels of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, West flew in to Tennessee straight from a second honeymoon in Mexico with his new bride. Kanye never mentioned Kim Kardashian while on stage, but she watched his performance from the crowd of 80,000 fans.

It was six years ago at Bonnaroo that Kanye West famously kept fans waiting until 4:30 A.M. for his performance following numerous technical delays. He blamed Pearl Jam for the problems, and mentioned them again at this year's show.

During his performance Friday West suddenly stopped performing and shouted "Where the press at? Where the press at?"

It seems he wanted them to be sure to note that his set only started ten minutes late this time around.

West played a series of songs from his 2013 album 'Yeezus' and his set featured some elements from his recent arena tour including one of the masks he wore. He gave a pep talk of sorts to his fans, urging those with creativity to pursue their dreams and not let that creativity fall by the wayside. He also made it very clear he intends to make a much bigger name for himself than he has already made.

"I ain't going after nobody on the radio," West said. "I'm going after Shakespeare. I'm going after Walt Disney. I'm going after Howard Hughes. I'm going after Genghis Khan. I'm going after Henry Ford ..."

Hmmmm.....do you think Kanye West will leave a mark on the world the size of the one left by Walt Disney or Henry Ford? Should he be comparing himself to John Lennon?

Kanye definitely has a sense of self worth that is quite powerful--way more so than the average person. Maybe that's why he's so happily married to Kim Kardashian. The two have placed themselves on lofty pedestals for all the world to see.

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