Kandi Burruss Shows Off Body After Fat Comments


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars have been known for their continuous drama. However, when Kenya Moore made her latest comment on Kandi Burruss' weight, Kandi decided to take it upon herself to prove that she has a sexy body, with a series of photos on Instagram.

During the December 22 episode, the wives took a mini vacation to a bed and breakfast. Upon arriving, Kandi rushed upstairs to find, and claim, the best room. That is when Kenya decided to take a jab at her. "I don't know what got into Kandi," she said. "Maybe she smelled some Chick-fil-A or a burger upstairs."

After receiving backlash from the fans for her comments, Moore decided to issue an apology to Kandi. “I made a wise crack. Kandi knows I think she has a great figure, so I’m sure she laughed as we have together about the 5-10 pounds she wants to lose,” she said. "I'm not a tiny girl myself, and I appreciate a woman with curves. I won Miss USA at 128lbs and I'm now a healthy 145-150lb at 5'10," Kenya continued. "As women, we know 5lbs is everything to us, but I simply encourage all women to be healthy. My best selling workout DVD Booty Boot Camp is available worldwide on Amazon.com."

Rather than commenting on the apology, Kandi and her children took a trip to the beach over Christmas vacation, and while she was there, she decided to snap some pictures to show Kenya that she isn't the least bit overweight.

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Image via Instagram