Kaley Cuoco: First Valentine's Day as Married Woman

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Kaley Cuoco enjoyed her first Valentine's Day as a married woman this past Friday. Do you suppose she and hubby Ryan Sweeting enjoyed the kind of PDA they engaged in during their recent dinner date with friends--as seen in the above video clip? It's quite likely, actually, given the photos Cuoco-Sweeting shared of the two of them on Friday. She dubbed Valentine's Day a "gooey, silly love kinda day."

The two went out for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, and it seems they may have kept their hands and lips off one another long enough to actually enjoy the cuisine.

Kaley shared evidence that the two could sit nicely at a table in a restaurant together, as the two enjoyed a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day. And their table behavior was quite discreet. But don't worry, fans, you'll get to see the "gooey, silly" photos, too.

This Instagram picture Kaley--who now officially goes by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting--shared depicts "gooey, silly love kinda day" at its very best.

She also shared a mushy Valentine's Day photo with someone she dubbed "the other man in my life."

Kaley Cuoco only tied the knot with the pro tennis player this past New Year's Eve. Sweeting proposed to Kaley after they had dated for just three months. She, of course, is best known for her role on The Big Bang Theory. The couple no doubt make a big bang when telling their friends and family members of their wedding plans.

Despite their lack of time together before their marriage, they have no doubt been making the very best of it ever since. Both Kaley and Ryan's photos depict a couple that is very much in love. May their very first Valentine's Day spent together as husband and wife represent the first of many the two will enjoy in the years to come.

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