Kalee Scolatti, ABC Fox Montana News Director, Gunned Down by Estranged Husband

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Kalee Scolatti has just recently been promoted to news director at ABC Fox Montana. The 34-year-old was gunned down on Wednesday night by her estranged husband. Close friend T.J. (Anthony) Dupras was shot and killed, too. The murder-suicide has shocked the community, as well as Montana media.

Nicholas Scolatti entered Kale Scolatti's Missoula home and shot both victims before turning the gun on himself. He died Friday morning of his injuries.

“Our lives are going to be very empty without those two people in them, I can tell you that right now,” T.J.’s friend and ex-wife Amy Dupras said on Friday.

Dupras said she’s known both Kalee Scolatti and her family since Kalee was a teenager. T.J. considered Kalee and her family, the Jacobsons, his Montana family. He had known Kalee since she was just 11 years old.

When T.J. went to Kalee Scolatti's home on Wednesday night, it was to help her, according to Amy Dupras.

“He was there for her when she needed him,” she said. “I don’t know if she had told him to be there, or if he had come over to hang out. He was there for her, as he always was.”

“They were together as friends, as family when it happened. That’s the only bit of comfort in all of this,” she added.

Kalee Scolatti had recently been promoted to news director at ABC Fox Montana and would have celebrated a decade with the company on Friday.

T.J. Dupras was the office manager at Missoula's ALPS, an invaluable employee who went above and beyond his job title, according to CEO David Bell.

Kalee Scolatti is surived by three daughters--Izabele, Marly, and Sophie.

How tragic that these little girls not only lost their mother, but at the hand of their father. Now they have lost him, too.

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