Kaetlyn Osmond, Canada's Favorite Skater, Ends Fifth


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Kaetlyn Osmond, the 18-year-old Canadian figure skating sweetheart, skated in her first Olympics event on Saturday at Sochi's Iceberg Skating Palace.

Osmond, now a Sherwood Parks resident in Alberta, Canada, moved from Marystown, a province in Newfoundland and Labrador on the Burin Peninsula, eight years ago. However, that transition doesn't stop Marystown residents from still claiming Kaetlyn as their own hometown girl.

Marystown residents decked out the small town in the Canadian colors red and white, holding numerous fundraisers for Osmond's trip to Russia, and even gathering to watch her performances in the Olympics at local St. Gabriel's Hall.

Kaetlyn's grandmother, Claudia (Osmond) Lambe, and older sister, Natasha, were two of the teen's family members present on Saturday at St. Gabriel's.

Natasha, who was once a champion figure skater as well, praised the residents of Marystown, telling them how much she appreciates their support for a "girl who started out here."

Marystown Mayor Sam Synard said, "I can see Kaetlyn's pride and poise as she skates reflected in her family, especially her grandparents here today. I recall Kaetlyn when she was a young girl in school, but I never thought she would be the 'Olympian Kaetlyn.'"

Kaetlyn's grandmother, Claudia, then spoke as well, saying, "We're hoping she will be able to finish in the top eight, like she did last year at the World's (Figure Skating Championships). I'll be glued to the television when she skates in Sochi."

Osmond, the first contestant to skate in the women's short program on Saturday, fulfilled her grandmother's wish for a score that would place her in the top eight; Kaetlyn ended the day in fifth place with a score of 62.54. (The highest score of the day, that of the first place finisher, was 72.90.)

The 2014 Canadian Olympic Figure Skating Team is now in second place in Sochi, sitting at a combined team-total of 41 points; Russia is in first place, having a total 47 points. The United States is currently sitting in the number three spot, with a total 34 points; they are followed by Italy (31 points), and Japan (30 points).

The Canadian team's only qualifying event on Saturday was in the women's short program. This qualified Kaetlyn to participate in the last day of the figure skating events in Sochi, on Sunday, where she will skate in the free program.

Whatever happens in Sochi, one thing can be for certain - Kaetlyn Osmond is going to end the adventure with a smile on her porcelain face.

When asked recently by the Edmonton Sun what her favorite 'words to live by' are, Kaetlyn responded, "To have fun with everything, because anything is possible."

Apparently, Kaetlyn is already doing just that; former figure skating champion, Elvis Stojko, tweeted about Kaetlyn's performance on the ice, saying that the teen's grace and joy of being on the ice were palpable, extending beyond the ice, into the far corners of the arena.

Main image courtesy @kaetlyn_23 via Twitter.