Justin Bieber's Dad Allegedly Threw Dog Off Balcony

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Justin Bieber catches hell over the oddest things. While other celebrities are doing stints in rehab or sitting in jail for stealing jewelry, Bieber goes to court for throwing eggs.

Justin Bieber does share some celeb traits with bigger stars. He and Mick Jagger were both accused of jinxing sports teams. Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers blamed Bieber’s appearance in the team Bible study for their loss to the Jets a few weeks back. Fans of England, United States, and Brazil soccer teams have each blamed Mick Jagger in turn for their World Cup losses.

But now Bieber is embroiled in a more celeb-worthy brouhaha. According to TMZ, a dog grainer claims that Bieber’s dad threw a dog off a second-story balcony.

Trainer Trevor Dvernichuk told TMZ that Justin’s dad Jeremy was angry that their new bulldog, which they named Karma, had bitten Justin’s little brother. Dvernichuk claims that Jeremy grabbed the dog and threw him off the second-floor balcony into a snow bank below. Dvernichuk says that Jeremy told him to take the dog and not bring it back until it was better trained.

That was a year ago. But Dvernichuk still has Karma. When he started telling people that the Bieber’s abandoned the dog, Jeremy threatened to call the cops, saying Dvernichuk stole the animal. Now Dvernichuk says he will certainly give the dog back, but he is talking about lawyering up to collect boarding fees for the year of keeping the dog.

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