Justin Bieber Throws Up, Taiwanese Animation Style

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Everyone’s favorite news reimaginers Next Media Animation have a history of taking everyday events in the tech, pop culture, and world news arenas and turning them on their heads. If you've ever seen Steve Jobs kill RIM in a drive-by shooting, The Dark Knight S&M, or sex robots at Burger King, you know what I'm talking about.

But this - this my friends, may be their finest work yet.

As you may have heard, teen pop idol Justin Bieber ralphed all over the stage during a concert in Arizona on Sunday. It happened during his first song, and the singer quickly rushed off stage - only to have the backing track continue while he was gone. He later came back out, and then left again. He later tweeted that "milk was a bad choice."

Anyway, NMA decided to tackled the incident, and it's pretty amazing. Check it out below:

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