Justin Bieber Spotted With Selena Gomez In Texas

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Justin Bieber has had quite a bit of drama unfold in recent months, and now it looks like he's adding a renewed relationship into the mix.

The 20-year old has gotten himself into multiple legal battles since last year--which span the globe while he was touring--that include a felony vandalism charge for egging his neighbor's home and an arrest for DUI after he was caught drag racing through a neighborhood while under the influence. In the midst of his troubles, his relationship with singer/actress Selena Gomez was on the rocks and eventually the couple split; Gomez reportedly headed to a rehab facility in Arizona recently, and because her reps stressed that the visit was not for substance abuse, many wondered if it was to cope with her breakup.

But on Friday, the couple were spotted at a Texas diner having breakfast before they headed out on a shopping trip, and witnesses say they looked very close.

"Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber came in with his bodyguards a little after 10:30 in the morning for breakfast and were here for an hour and a half," Lori Johnson, manager of Don Pepe's McAllen Mexican restaurant, said. "They were kissing. They were sitting next to each other hugging and kissing in front of the staff. They weren't hiding it and seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend."

According to the owner of a local perfume shop, the couple later visited to check out some fragrances during a shopping trip.

"They came in together for about five minutes and he wanted to smell the Givenchy cologne and he wanted Obsession," said Lydia Gonzalez. "And Selena was just browsing and looking at the fragrances for women. They were both polite and nice."

Reps for the duo have not commented on whether or not they are back together, but Bieber did post a photo of Gomez to his Instagram account after the Oscars, calling her an "elegant princess".

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