Justin Bieber Makes Out with Hot Blonde in New Video

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It seems the Biebs has taken a cue from fellow musician, Kayne West's latest video, "Bound 2." There's certainly something familiar about the hot babe on a motorcycle making out with the leading man in Justin Bieber's latest video, "All That Matters." (In West's latest video, he and fiancé, Kim Kardashian embrace on his ride as they intimately touch one another.)

Check out the video and read more about "Bound 2" here.

So who is this little video vixen and how did she get the gig so many girls are jealous over? Her name is Cailin Russo and she's only 19-years-old.

According to an interview with Cosmopolitan, this young lady had no idea that she and the Biebs would be the only ones featured in the hot video.

"I didn't have an appetite the day of, but I was so ready to do the job. In the beginning I wasn't too nervous because Justin didn't bring his presence until later in the day, but when he did that's when I got nervous. I didn't know what was going to happen because the song is super romantic, and since the shoot was set up a certain way, I didn't even know if we would be shooting together. But the first take was us kissing," said Russo.

So what did Russo say about Bierber's ex, superstar, Selena Gomez reaction to this racy new vid?

"I'm sure there might be bitterness, but I was just doing my job," said Russo.

Gomez posted a picture on Instagram that said, "I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh... #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat."

And it seems Russo seems to think the pic and caption was directed towards her.

"It was clearly directed at him with me in the video, but like I said I was just doing my job," said Russo.

After snooping through Gomez's Instagram, it appears the gal has removed the photo.

"I've gotten several death threats, none like, "I'm going to find you and kill you," but I've received ones that say, "Die," and "Kill yourself" — people seriously have no boundaries with social media, I was just doing my job, Russo continued to say about the hateful feedback she's received.

"But there are lot of people defending me, too, which is nice. I've definitely gained some fans from this all, said Russo."

Another fan to add to that list would be Justin Bieber, himself.

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