Justin Bieber in Trouble Again, Sued by Uber Driver

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Justin Bieber is in trouble again, without having done anything new to get into trouble. The 'Baby' singer has worked hard at improving his image--and he really has stayed out of trouble. However some of that old trouble is coming back to bite him in the rear end.

In December of 2013, Justin Bieber was accused by a Toronto SUV limousine driver of assault. Now the driver has filed a lawsuit against the pop star.

The driver, Abdul Mohar, is asking for $850,000 in damages, and is also seeking a court order that will prevent Justin Bieber from coming within 100 meters of him, according to documents filed in Toronto on Friday.

Mohar claims that after he picked up a group of six men via the transportation app Uber, back on December 30, 2013 in Toronto, a man he later identified as Justin Bieber punched him in the head because he refused to turn the music in the vehicle up louder.

“I was like, ‘What’s going on, is this guy out of his mind?’,” Mohar said during an interview with the Toronto Star.

Brian Greenspan is the lawyer representing Justin Bieber in this case, and he says the suit is "totally without merit."

"During the course of the incident, while speaking with the 911 operator, the limousine driver had, in fact, identified his alleged assailant, who was still present, as black. After a careful assessment of the evidence, the Crown attorney withdrew the charge," Greenspan said in an emailed statement.

Justin Bieber has yet to file a statement of defense with regard to this lawsuit.

It will be interesting to see if the Uber driver who filed this lawsuit against Justin Bieber can explained why he initially identified his assailant as being a black man, but now says he's a white man with blonde hair instead.

Do you expect this might be an unfounded case of an Uber driver trying to get some of Justin Bieber's money, or might the singer be in big trouble yet again?

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