Justin Bieber Attacked During Dubai Show

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Justin Bieber may be more popular than ever, but the singer's fame is beginning to have some unfortunate consequences for the 19-year-old pop star.

In March, Bieber was accused of "diva-like behavior" after arriving late to a concert in London and being spotted wandering around the city shirtless. The singer addressed reports on his behavior via a rant on Twitter, calling the stories "fake" and emphasizing that he is a "good person."

Now, Bieber's time in Dubai is getting weird too. According to a report from The National, Bieber was attacked on-stage by a crazed fan during his second show in Dubai.

The pop star was reportedly playing piano near the end of his set when the fan stormed the stage and grabbed Bieber. The star was not hurt and the heavy security at the event was able to subdue the attacker within seconds. The piano, however, was knocked over.

Despite the damaged instrument, Bieber was able to continue the show. The star referenced the incident in a tweet sent out early on Monday:

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