Julianne Moore Talks New Film Role

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Julianne Moore is a successful actress who has appeared in a number of big name films. In spite of her accomplishments, she prefers to appear in small films.

She recently talked about her role in Maps To The Stars and said that she was really excited about the role because of how the director approached the story and film.

“For me, it’s really about narrative. That’s where my interest in acting came from: books. I am not by nature a performer, but I have always been really interested in narrative and story. And if I get excited about a project, it’s usually because it’s story, story, story,” she said to Canada.com

“Character is secondary. People ask me if I want to play some specific character and I’m like, I don’t know. If they exist in a narrative, then I can understand. But a character alone doesn’t mean anything to me. I need context. And I realize that’s how I understand the world: In the context of a narrative. And I think a lot of us do. I think that is human instinct,” she added.

She said that the story could have been interpreted a variety of different ways but said that she was particularly interested in the role and the film because it was made into a family drama and has a message.

“I think if you talk about this movie in terms of Hollywood, you sort of miss the point. It’s a movie that could be set anywhere,” said Moore.

“There’s a lot of mythology about Hollywood. And there are things that exist in that world that are unique to it … it’s a world of projected images. And this idea permeates all popular culture: that you believe the image you see and take it as real. But it’s not real. So my character, when she doesn’t see her image out there, she feels like she does not exist. It’s the fake projection that keeps her alive.

“And if that’s true for any person then, of course, you’d be destroyed by it because there is only the outside. There is no inside.”

The film opens in theaters October 31st.

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