Julia Roberts Denies Pregnancy Rumors

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Julia Roberts isn't pregnant despite recent rumors. She even assured the audience she isn't pregnant during a conversation with David Letterman on Thursday.

Letterman had clearly heard those pregnancy rumors, and wasted no time asking Roberts if she is expecting.

"No!" she answered, emphatically.

Julia Roberts and husband Daniel Moder are parents to 9-year-old twins--Hazel and Phinnaeus, and a 6-year-old son named Henry. The Pretty Woman star and her family live in New Mexico.

It seems that Roberts might have a reason for all the pregnancy rumors. Twitter fans say she has developed a bit of a belly in recent months.

While that's not the kindest information for fans to share, it happens to everyone--even stars like Julia Roberts. She no doubt works hard in her roles as both a mom and an actress. Maybe she's letting workouts fall to the bottom of her to-do list. And if so--more power to her.

Julia spoke with ABC recently about juggling both motherhood and her career.

“My older children are starting to understand a little bit more clearly what it is that I do for a living,” she said. “They know it involves makeup, because it’s the only time they see me with makeup on. They are starting to put it together, but it’s a funny thing being an actor and having your kids understand what that means.”

The carpooling mom might not be pregnant, but she's still working hard at growing her career. She received a Golden Globe nomination earlier this week for her role in the film August. It seems the actress is hot in August but not in December--meaning there's no bun in her oven. And given her active family and successful career, she certainly doesn't have time for that right now.

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