Julia Roberts Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of 'Pretty Woman', Joins Richard Gere On 'Today'

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America’s ultimate sweetheart Julia Roberts joins Richard Gere and the rest of the cast of the 90’s romantic comedy Pretty Woman in a special interview on Today.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the film, producer Matt Lauer and the Today show exclusively reunites leading lady Roberts and on-screen prince charming Gere with Pretty Woman costars Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo. Director Garry Marshall was also present during the celebration.

Pretty Woman’s release in 1990 ushered Robert’s acting career into greater limelight. The film earned the actress her second Oscar nomination and her first Oscar award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Then 22-year-old Roberts was just breaking out with movies including Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias.

Roberts played as unworldly Vivian Ward, a hooker hired by filthy rich businessman Edward Lewis (Gere) to be his escort for a few social engagements. Bubbly prostitute friend Kit De Luca (Giacomo) elbows Ward into taking the job. After several “princess trainings” from hotel manager, Barney Thompson (Elizondo) and a quintessential make-over, the hooker won the rich man’s heart.

And the rest became a classic Hollywood romance.

During the taping of the anniversary special, vivacious Roberts can be seen laughing with her co-stars. Today’s interview featured a lot of kissing, hugging and catching up among the cast. Only Jason Alexander, who played antagonist, sleazy Philip Stuckey, was noticeably absent from the reunion.

“It was wild,” Lauer told his Today cohost after a sneak peak of the special interview. “And we did the whole thing, just to keep in the mood of the movie, in a bathtub, with the bubbles. It was fantastic,” he added in revere of Robert’s memorable bathtub scene where the actress soaks luxuriously in bubbles while singing “Kiss” by Prince.

Pretty Woman became such a great hit that even after 25 years, fans of the cast still remember their performances.  In last years’ interview with Lauer, Roberts revealed that people still cite her hooker role as their favorite. "I kinda go, 'Another decade? Anything a little closer?'" she joked.

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