Judge Judy Sued For Buying Dishes


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Judge Judy may be known for her stern demeanor when deciding court cases, but now America's most famous judge might find herself on the other side of the bench.

TMZ is reporting that Judge Judy has been sued by a woman named Patric Jones over, of all things, dishes. Jones alleges that her ex-husband, Randy Douthit, a producer on Judge Judy's TV program, sold the couple's expensive China to Judge Judy during the divorce process.

Jones estimated that the fine china is work over $500,000, but alleges that Douthit sold the dishes to Judge Judy for a tenth of that price. She alleges that the sale was a revenge plot against her by the judge and Douthit. The lawsuit is asking for the dishes or Jones' full estimated price for the dishes. Punitive damages have also been tacked on.

The video below shows a short interview with Jones' lawyer, who was accosted by a TMZ cameraman: