Journey Shatters PSN Sales Records


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Journey, the magical adventure/wandering game from thatgamecompany, has captured the hearts and minds of PS3 gamers everywhere. It definitely captured my heart with its lush visuals and minimalistic design philosophy. It seems that the game's wonder wasn't lost on anybody as it has become the fastest selling PSN game.

Jenova Chen, creative director for thatgamecompany, updated us on the PlayStation blog today to give gamers the news. It broke both PSN and PlayStation Store records, beating out all first-party and third-party games, to become the fastest selling title on both the US and European regions.

Chen says that after they released Flower in 2009, many players sent them letters on how the experience personally impacted them. In another record breaking moment, they have received more letters from more players on Journey in the past two weeks than they did for Flower in the past three years.

For those players, like me, that absolutely adored the soundtrack to Journey will be able to get their hands on it starting April 10. It will be available on the PSN and iTunes. They are also planning a limited CD release in the near future.

If you have yet to play Journey and own a PS3, I implore you to do so. It's by far the most touching game thatgamecompany has made. It only lasts a few hours, but those hours are well spent in an expansive environment with only an anonymous friend to keep you company. It breaks down the conceptions of what we define as cooperative gameplay to create an anonymous bond of trust that's only communicated through song.

If you're still not convinced, check out the gameplay trailer for Journey. If you aren't impressed, just give it time. You will eventually come to love it.