Josh Duggar: Is Former '19 Kids and Counting' Star Really at Christian Treatment Facility? Some Say No

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Josh Duggar reportedly entered a Christian rehab facility in Rockford, Illinois--called Reformers Unanimous--last week, but some people at the facility say he isn't there.

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is supposed to be receiving treatment for a pornography addiction and other sex addiction issues. He cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, while she was pregnant with their fourth child.

A new report says Josh Duggar hasn't even once shown up to the meetings and church services that are mandatory to Reformers Unanimous "students."

“All students attend all services at North Love Baptist Church,” the Reformers Unanimous website reads. “We believe that continued church attendance is a key catalyst to continuing victory.”

A worshipper at the facility says Josh Duggar wasn't among those who prayed both Sunday morning and again in the evening for the sins they are seeking treatment for at the center.

“Josh definitely wasn’t there,” the source says. “It was very strange.”

The 19 Kids and Counting family owns a private plane that is typically piloted by son John David Duggar. That plane took a mystery flight on August 27, across the Duggar family's home state of Arkansas. The family doesn't own property there and there are no rehab centers nearby.

Is it possible that Josh Duggar isn't at a facility for the treatment of his sex addiction? Is the 19 Kids and Counting family simply trying to make it appear as though he is in treatment?

Josh Duggar's parents--Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar--have come under considerable fire for the kind of treatment they got for their son when he sexually molested five underage girls--four of whom are Duggar sisters--when he was a teen. Was the statement about him entering a treatment facility just another attempt on their behalf to save face?

Reformers Unanimous employed a child molester in recent years, too. Is this really the best place for Josh Duggar--if he's there at all?

The 19 Kids and Counting family have no doubt felt embarrassment since TLC cancelled their reality show--and that was because of Josh Duggar's actions.

What do you suppose this very concerning report about Josh Duggar missing from mandatory parts of the Reformers Unanimous program is all about?

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