Josh Duggar: Former '19 Kids and Counting' Star, Admitted Sexual Molester Had Two Ashley Madison Accounts?

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Josh Duggar once starred with his 18 siblings and his parents on a TLC reality show. 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled by the network last month--all because of Josh Duggar. The now grown man with a wife and four children of his own admitted to molesting four of his sisters and one non-relative when he was a teen. Now it seems there might be more sex secrets in Josh Duggar's past. Sources say he had not just one--but two separate accounts on Ashley Madison--the extramarital-affair hookup site.

Gawker claims it has discovered two accounts paid for by a credit card registered to Joshua J. Duggar. The address of the first matches the address of a home owned by Josh Duggar's grandmother is Arkansas. The second account was linked to the Duggar home in Maryland, where Josh Duggar worked for the Family Research Council--the job from which he resigned following the media explosion of her sexual molestations.

People have jumped on the Ashley Madison bandwagon, scorning Josh Duggar--but not because they love to hate. Instead it's because many people love to hate people who love to hate. Are you following this?

Josh Duggar is known for his outspoken scorn of gay people, women who have abortions, gay marriage, and other things that go against his definition of family.

It's important to note that Josh Duggar's use of the Ashley Madison site has not been confirmed. Given the verification of use of the credit cards--and not simply email addresses--it doesn't look good for the former 19 Kids and Counting star.

How do you suppose this might impact Josh's wife, Anna Duggar, if this latest scandal is proven true? Will she continue to stand by her man?

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