Jordan Belfort: The Wolf of Wall St. Melts Down

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The larger-than-life exploits of Jordan Belfort became the stuff of legend when brought to the big screen by Leonardo Dicaprio. The drugs, the hookers, the midgets, and the way Belfort swindled so many people out of their money was entertaining when played out in a movie. But Belfort's actions cost people their livelihoods.

And now he is out of prison, having served only half of his sentence, and he is supposed to be paying back what he swindled from people. Belfort's deal for his release is that he has to pay 50% of his income as restitution until the total ordered is met, $110.4 million.

But some say that he is making a killing in Australia with seminars featuring his "Sell me this pen" schtick, and has no intentions of paying money back to his victims in the United States as ordered by his deal.

Recently the Australian 60 Minutes sat down with Belfort. In the course of the interview, things did not go how Belfort had hoped. The interviewer, Liz Hayes, asked Belfort if his oral contract with his management company was an attempt to hide his level of income so it could not be used as part of his restitution deal with the U.S. government.

Belfort went ballistic.

"I am not going to get attacked," he shouted at Hayes. He kept interrupting her, insisting on moving to another subject. "You're a very nice woman but this is obviously a hatchet job."

Hayes calmly responded that she was not attacking him, but asked her question.

"I was told it would be a friendly, nice interview," the Wolf fired back. He then got up from his seat and left the set area.

"You've got a lot of nerve, boy," he yelled away from the lights and cameras.

Belfort eventually returned to his seat and continued with the interview. But the topic of whether he is dodging his obligation to repay his victims is a sensitive subject with him.

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