Joran van der Sloot To Marry This Summer

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Joran van der Sloot is currently serving a 28-year sentence for killing a Peruvian woman, and is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of an American teenage girl. While you would think Joran would be worried about his current legal situation, his is more focused on planning his upcoming wedding.

Joran met his wife-to-be Leydi Carol Figueroa Uceda while she was visiting one of her relatives at the Piedras Gordas prison where Jordan is being held in Peru. "They met when she was visiting a relative in prison. They became friends and spent a lot of time together in his cell," Maximo Altez, Jordan's attorney told CNN. "Unlike The United States, here in Peru loved ones or relatives can see inmates inside their jails."

Leydi already has one child, a two-year-old son, and is currently 5 months pregnant with Joran's baby. "He's very happy about getting married. Since his girlfriend is pregnant, he wants his child to be born to a married couple and he's anxiously awaiting the day he can get married," Altez said.

In 2010, Joran was convicted of murdering Stephany Flores by strangling and beating her. Apparently, Joran was upset because Stephany asked about Joran's involvement in Natalee Holloway's disappearance, in which he was arrested twice for but never convicted.

Joran is scheduled to be released from prison on June 10, 2038; however, Altez said that he may be able to get out considerably early if he maintains good behavior.

While some believe that Joran is getting married to avoid extradition, Altez says that is not true at all. "He's getting married because he's in love and is having a child. There are no hidden agendas," Altez said.

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