JonBenet Ramsey Murder, Cold Case After 17 Years


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Seventeen years later and no arrest has been made in the death of 6-year-old beauty pageant tot, Jonbenet Ramsey.

In 1996, Ramsey’s body was found the day after Christmas in the basement of John and Patsy Ramsey’s Boulder, Col., home right after the discovery of a ransom note asserting kidnap.

The young pageant prototype was found with a fractured skull and suffered from asphyxiation through use of a cord.

Numerous speculations formed from this case during the investigation, one being that the parents were abusive.

The Grand Jury that investigated the murder case in 1999 voted to indict her parents. Yet, the court could not find reasonable doubt and ample evidence to accuse Mrs. And Mr. Ramsey of murder.

This information was not released until last October, putting a new spin on Ramsey’s murder details.

Even after the extraction of DNA testing in 2008, including the parents and brother, Burke Ramsey, Boulder police have failed to link a suspect to the crime.

"The case is still open, but is not actively being investigated and there are no new leads," said Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner.

Now after so many years of change for the Ramsey family-Patsy has been deceased for seven years and John is remarried-the investigation has come to a halt.

Boulder investigators have recently declared Ramsey’s slaying a cold case.

A little bit of Ramsey’s life is detailed in John’s book titled “The Other Side of Suffering,” which was released earlier this year. He goes into detail about his faith in God and how it helped him survive through the nightmare he endured during the case.

Ramsey revealed in an interview with Christian Post that the longer the investigation stretches, the more he felt that the case would go unsolved.

It looks like his predictions were correct.

However, Beckner assures that Boulder police still has hope that someday the killer will be found.

Image via Wikimedia Commons