JonBenet Ramsey: Former DA Writes Book About Investigation

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JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her family's home almost 16 years ago, though, honestly, you wouldn't know it had been that long considering the amount of coverage the case still receives. Her murder is one of the world's most perplexing unsolved mysteries, prompting a former Boulder, Colorado district attorney to pen a book about his experiences. James Kolar's "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?" uses official documents and interviews to explain why the "intruder theory" doesn't exactly hold up.

Although Kolar doesn't go as far as to say who, precisely, he feels is responsible for the six year-old's murder, he does claim the popular theory isn't as strong as some people believe. "My theory definitely went against an intruder," Kolar explained during a recent interview. "There was strong physical evidence that discounted the intruder theory as it existed."

In the book, Kolar explains how evidence indicates the basement window where the intruder was thought to have gained access to the house was never opened. Additionally, the former DA feels the marks on JonBenet's body are inconsistent with those generally associated with a stun gun attack. Kolar explained that he felt his revelations into the matter were not being properly investigated, which he found to be quite discouraging.

In 2006, Kolar left the DA's office and returned to the Telluride Marshal's Department. "I left with the understanding and impression that the DA's office was totally sold on the intruder theory in spite of the evidence I pointed to," he said. "I was hoping this case would have been resolved, and this book would have been about how it was solved."

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner, who has only read part of the book, explained that Kolar's theory is nothing new to those who are close to the case. Unfortunately, Beckner doesn't feel the case can be prosecuted in its current state. As far as he's concerned, this one has turned cold.

"If I thought there was a chance that would be the case, I wouldn't be going public with this and I would be pushing the DA or the police chief to look into it," said District Attorney Stan Garnett, who added that he isn't concerned about the statements made in Kolar's book. "From what I can tell, the people of Boulder County, who I represent, don't want to hear about this case unless I am able to file a case and press charges, which I'm not."

For now, the truth behind JonBenet's killing shall remain a mystery.

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